The canes now lie dormant, frost creeping up the brown stalks and ice capturing the pond.  Nonetheless, I came across a raspberry shortbread cookie and had a sudden longing for the crimson little berries.  Here is a little paragraph on the delectable ones up at our neighbor’s place.

“I had left the engine running while I stopped, hoping that it would keep me from stopping for too long.  Dew hung off the soft green leaves, quietly revealing that the berries were still cold.




I had firmly resolved I would only eat a few handfuls before heading home to finish off my early morning chores.   The moment that first burgundy berry made it’s way past my open lips and exploded into tart and sweet, I knew for sure I would be a goner.  Seven handfuls later, and red juice dripping down my chin, I managed to move only because another car wanted to pass on the one lane road.  Reluctantly I headed back home, the flavor of the little beauties still hanging in my mouth, occasionally made suddenly brighter by a tongue lick across my dripping chin.

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